These are measures that have been developed by researchers who are, or at one time were, faculty members or graduate students at West Virginia University. They were developed for use by researchers and may be used for research or instructional purposes with no individualized permission. There is no cost for this use. Please cite the source(s) noted at the bottom of the measure when publishing articles based on research using these instruments.

Affective Learning
Attitude, Generalized
Attraction, Interpersonal
Belief, Generalized
Classroom Anxiety
Communication Competence (SPCC)
Compulsive Communication, Talkaholic Scale
Evaluation Apprehension
Fear of Physician (FOP)
Homophily Scales
Humor Assessment(RHA)
Image Fixation
Innovativeness, Individual (II)
Innovativeness, Organizational (PORGI)
Nonverbal Immediacy Scale - Observer Report (NIS-O)
Nonverbal Immediacy Scale - Self Report (NIS-S)
Nonverbal Immediacy-Short Form (SRNI)
Organizational Orientations
Perceived Quality of Medical Care (PQMC)
Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24)
Personal Report of Interethnic Communication Apprehension (PRECA)
Personal Report of Intercultural Communication Apprehension (PRICA)
Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA)
Satisfaction with Physician (SWP)
Singing Apprehension (TOSA)
Situational CA Measure (SCAM)
Sociocommunicative Orientation SCO)
Sociocommunicative Style (SCS)
Source Credibility
Teacher Apprehension
Teacher Burnout
Test Anxiety
Tolerance for Disagreement (TFD)
Touch Apprehension
Willingness to Communicate (WTC)
Willingness to Listen
Writing Apprehension (WAT)