Dr. James C. McCroskey

Dept. of Communication Studies, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35294

Phone: 205-934-3877; FAX: 205-934-8916; LMCCROSK@csulb.edu
We regret to announce the passing of Dr. James C. McCroskey on December 27, 2012.

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Welcome to my website! This site had been designed to provide information about me and my research programs. All material on this site is provided free-of-charge and may be used at no cost so long as it is appropriately cited. There are five categories of information: biographical data (the usual vita information), publications (listings of published books, book chapters, monographs, periodicals, and book reviews); communication research measures (various scales which have been developed for use in communication research), electronic publications (papers which were presented at professional conventions and published here for the first time), and current information for students in my undergraduate classes.

All of my published journal articles are available (Periodicals) and can be downloaded. There is a listing of papers presented at conventions (Convention Presentations), but the text of those papers is not available (I do not even have a copy of many of them). However, many have been published as journal articles and are available for downloading (Publications). I am in the process of identifying unpublished convention papers which may be of particular interest to some researchers but have not been published. These will be published here for the first time (Electronic Publications). There is a listing of my published books (Academic Books and Textbooks). Some of these, which are not currently in print or do not have a later edition in print, will be made available on this site (free) as time permits. Only one is now available. Many research measures that I (and/or my colleagues) have developed are available (Communication Research Measures). Each instrument is provided along with its scoring and the appropriate citation for where it has been published.

A brief list of Monographs is provided. Two of these have been requested frequently--my Carroll Arnold Lecture presented at the 1997 NCA convention, and a monograph reporting 13 research studies relating to the use of evidence in persuasive communication. The former was distributed to all the members of NCA as a monograph by Allyn & Bacon. The latter was originally distributed as a monograph by the Speech Communication Research Center at Michigan State University, which no longer exists. These 13 studies were summarized in an article in the Quarterly Journal of Speech (1969), but have not been available as a full report until now.

I have also added my doctoral dissertation to the list of Publications. A recent increase of interest in research on evidence as well as attitude and belief  measurement has resulted is several scholars contacting me to find out how they might access this dissertation. Now, a full downloadable copy of the dissertation is available by clicking on it under "Publications." This is the original source of my earlier measures of source credibility and the Generalized Attitude Scale.

I would appreciate any comments (good or bad) that you might have concerning this website. The easiest way to reach me is at my email address noted above. I would particularly appreciate it if you find something that is "messed up" and let me know about it! Several people have done this in the past and this has helped me make several improvements on the site.

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a.) Periodicals--Articles in Professional Journals
b)  Doctoral Dissertation-J. C. McCroskey (1966, Penn State U.)
c.) Books--Academic Books and Textbooks
Original Book Chapters
 Monographs--Longer writings which are neither periodicals nor books
Book Chapters Reprinted From Elsewhere
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3.) Communication Research Measures (Instruments which may be used free-of-charge by researchers)

 Electronic Publications  (Articles which are published for the first time here)

5.) Current class information

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Acknowledgments: I am indebted to Steve Booth-Butterfield for creating the first version of this website, to Andrea Weber for uploading a large portion of my articles, to Jason S. Wrench for major help in revising and updating the website, and to John Cole for helping me learn how to do things right after I had done them wrong!